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  3. About us

    VerTech  Co., Ltd. is a technology-based company focusing on the development and production of high-end lithium battery charger equipment and automation solutions. Committed to providing overall solutions for users of manufacturing companies, system integrators, scientific research institutions, etc., to enhance customer product experience.

    • Honesty

    • Profession

    • Tolerance

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    Power battery charging has never been so professional and convenient

    Quality is more than sturdiness and durability

    Flexchar series chargers are industrial-grade high-power chargers with excellent performance and comprehensive functions. It is an ideal charging device for outdoor equipment such as golf carts, electric forklifts, car washes, and electric vehicles.

    • Wide voltage, high efficiency

      Applicable to any single grid in the world, the efficiency is as high as 94%, effectively reducing grid pollution

    • Waterproof, drop resistant, no fan

      IP66 grade waterproof and dustproof (certified), aluminum alloy die-cast body is vibration-proof, drop-resistant, and easy to install

    • CAN communication and upgrade function

      Customize the communication protocol according to customer needs, including software upgrades, historical fault storage and other functions

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    Application field

    Focus on technological innovation

    Promote the improvement of power battery charging technology

    Make difference

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